Toyota Corolla Levin «FuckYeah86»

The A86 model’s nickname is Hachirocku (in Japanese, “hachi” means “eight” and “rocku” means 6). In 1980s, none of Japanese cars could better perform the driving stunt.
Hachirocku was extremely popular among both reckless racers and professional drivers.
One of them is Keiichi Tsuchiya, the legendary Japanese driver, also known as Dorikin (The Drift King), who is now the referee of Japanese Riding Series, including the D1 Grand Prix car drifting contest.
Here, we are pleased to present the legendary “86”of our Siberian driver, Alex Omenjuk, who performs in the Far East GT4 championship, class 2400 – the most powerful class in the Russian circle.
Class 2400 is about the naturally aspired vehicles with the engine volume of up to 2.4 liter.